If I Stop Laughing I'll Cry *​[​working title]

by Chris Barron

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These are tracks from a forthcoming album with the working title, If I Stop Laughing, I'll Cry. Chris Barron, lead singer of the band, Spin Doctors, enters the studio to cut a stripped down, acoustic guitar driven, song oriented solo record.


released July 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Chris Barron New York, New York

Chris Barron (think Leonard Cohen meets Jack Johnson in a dive bar that was nice when Cole Porter used to hang out there) is best known as the lead singer of the band Spin Doctors. Chris plays nifty chords on an old Gibson to masterfully crafted songs that are poignant yet wistful and funny. ... more

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Track Name: April And May
april and may

the evening’s hollow sapphire G, am,
does descend upon the world bm, C
and i’m out here in the cold F, C
another boy without a girl F, C
and somewhere on this turning rock G, am
they’re shining like the day bm, C
but i’m stuck here in the memories F, C
of my april and may F, C

lonelyness, it’s not the best party dress G, bm, am, cm
but a kiss on the lips is a wonder to be blessed G, D, C, (walkdown,) am
april and may, please come around G, C (jangly G)
there’s to much freezing in this town G, C
your blue and emerald evening gowns G, C
and your long hair hanging down bm, C
and your jewelry jingling sound bm, C
where you are i couldn’t say am, C
april and may, april and may G, C

and here i am arriving G, am
at a lovely soho loft bm, C
there’s ice in glasses jingling G, am
and the music sweet and soft bm, C
the vodka spreads her fingers G, am
i am like a thumb bm, C
i can’t drink myself back to the place F, C
where may and april come F, C

we danced between the shifting lights am, bm
that make out in the sky C, D
and they held me like a soldier am, bm
whose wound is in his thigh C, D
and with the day they disappeared am, bm
like teardrops from an eye C, D
and they left some glossy photographs am, bm
of april may and i C, D
Track Name: The World Accordion To Garp
the world accordion to garp

like elvis i’ve left the building
boozy susie on my arm
i’m off to make a killing
where the sweet life’s lost it’s charm
i know that high above me
there’s an order in the sky
play for the pearly gate man
he’ll show you where they keep the pie
and gazing angels blazing
on the french horn and the harp
and the world accordion to garp

the tuba has been drinking
the evening has been torn
too late to get an inkling
when the sheep have all been shorn
listen very closely
your ear down to the floor
hear the landlord humming
like every night before
sweet and melancholy
maybe just a little sharp
on the world accordion to garp

where the guitars pick your pockets
there’s a back door leading to
a place where we can make some love
among the wild oats, rye and rue
the tall grass sighs her secret
if you listen for her song
in your memory you can keep it
even if you get it wrong
she plays it on your heartstrings
starting just as it gets dark
on the world accordion to garp
Track Name: Angels And One Armed Jugglers
angels and one armed jugglers
or, if i stop laughing i’ll cry

angels and one armed jugglers
sword swallowers and smugglers
good old adelaide, she must be long gone
she once was a looker
and a hell of a hoofer
and we never stayed thirsty for long

i smile when i’m weepy
coffee makes me sleepy
drink champagne when i want to die
you may see me wink and grin
and think i think i’ll win
but if i stop laughing
i’ll cry

[here are some notes on the chords that were on the lyrics...]

(capo 3nd fret)